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Articles for your family:


Because you asked…Please submit your question. I can not answer all but I will choose what seems appropriate and post it here.


  1. What will you find here?

This is an attempt to introduce you to dynamic yet easy to understand principals of rescuing, building, and blessing your family. There will be children’s stories, devotional guides, art lessons, and articles related to being a godly parent, responsible child, and loving part of a strong family unit.


  1. Who is Wesley Stout?

I am a retired mural artist who listens to Holy Spirit. He has been writing as if this site were in operation for several years waiting for the right time to launch. Now is that time. I am a nobody alone, but anything becomes possible with a call from Daddy God. My favorite saying is, “family is the government of Heaven.” This means that Daddy God is a creator, a father, Holy Spirit is a nurturer, that is his mothering side, Jesus Christ was born a physical man, that makes him a brother. The Divine Trinity is family. The bible calls believers like you and me Children of God. Wouldn’t you like to know what benefits you can enjoy as a child of God? We have lived far below our station. Learning family, in God’s eyes is the way up.


  1. Why does Wesley constantly refer to Daddy God and not just God?

The first key to understanding God is in understanding fatherhood. Not just any father but a perfect father who loves, protects, and blesses the children who stay close and respect him.

The most effective attack Satan has launched against The Kingdom of Heaven was to distort, demean and rebel against good fatherhood. The most effective way to heal this world is to regain the art and dignity of fatherhood.


  1. How are Families are the victims of war.

There is a war going on in the Universe between the highest king Daddy God, and his antagonist who is Lucifer. Most of us have watched sci-fi movies, why is it so difficult to believe in something that goes far deeper than fiction? An angelic lifeforms became jealous when he found that God had created a new being to become his own child. Here we have it. The universal story. God makes children, the second in command becomes jealous and plots to overthrow the heir and seize the kingdom. Lucifer attacks at the core of Heaven’s government, the family, splits it into the familiar good and evil lines and pits one against the other. Do you want proof? Look at what has happened to government. If we had held onto stronger families, we would have strong fathers as leaders and pride and respect in their constituency.


  1. What is The Great Awakening?

Have you heard the prophets? The ones with credibility agree that the time of the Great Outpouring of God’s Spirit is here. Just as it seems that the family and the Kingdom would be lost, Daddy God steps in to save the day. My Family Hope is a part of that outpouring. An outpouring is when God releases all the armies of Heaven and a massive dose of His own presence and power upon the Earth to enforce what He is doing. This outpouring comes with judgement, grace, and miracles. The battle between good and evil is literally hitting the ground like a massive invasion.  The line between good and evil will be clearly defined. God has a guaranteed win. You and I must make a clear-cut decision which side of that line we stand on. Double minded people will be most miserable.


  1. What is My Family Hope?

Here you will find tools that will lead you and yours in your ascension from the dungeons of bondage, pain, fear, depression, and hopelessness into the Government of Heaven. We give you tools like Children’s stories, powerful prayers, devotionals, explanations, Spiritual Warfare training, and insights that develop knowledge, understanding and wisdom. This may be where your parenting skills flourish, where your household finds respect, honor, and joy, where you find salvation, peace, unity, love, and hope.


  1. What is Spiritual Warfare?

Spiritual warfare is a subject that makes even some veteran churchgoers cringe because it has been so abused, mishandled, and perverted into a freak show. That is not what this is intended to be. Think about it. If you were Satan, would you not target the most powerful weapon people have and use it against them? Here is the Family Hope definition of Spiritual Warfare:

Spiritual Warfare is having the knowledge that Daddy God is the judge of the Universe, Yeshua (Jesus Christ) has taken your case and defended you, you use your authority as a divine family member to seek restraining orders against your enemy in the Court of Heaven. When you know who you are, who your father is, who your redeemer is, and what promises you can claim, you can stand up and command even the vilest devils and oppressions to flee. With some experience you will even learn that most demonic oppression is simply bad programming hacked into your mind and it can be isolated, erased and replaced with such programs as joy, peace, faith, patience, love, and hope.


  1. What is an oppression?

If you are a slave, if you live in fear, if you live without hope or in forgiveness, you are oppressed. Oppression is a mental program like compulsive behaviors, tendencies to fail, distorted reality, being controlled, bullied, sick, dysfunctional, lethargic, negative, rebellious or any of a hundred other curses on your life. If this is you, you are oppressed. When you learn to break these curses, you can be the opposite thing, which is called blessed. Start with yourself, then lead your family out of oppression.


  1. What is deliverance?

Deliverance is an old-school Pentecostal term. I have been present when prayer groups and churches experienced what one would call exorcisms. These were sometimes hair-raising events with a real freak-show atmosphere. Yes, true demon possessions are very real but seldom handled with the dignity due the presence of God. Possessions are when a devil moves in and takes one’s body as his own house and is usually destructive. He does whatever-the-devil-he-wants to. I will at some point address this, however, most of the issues I cover will be oppression. Oppression are like malware programs downloaded into one’s brain that cause stinking thinking. Since our brain is a computer, you can most likely appreciate this analogy. Some oppressions are not intelligent demons. They may have the smarts of a virus and only run a program. Some of these are disease, depression, addiction, fear, lust, rage, lies, and other things that are not healthy. In the Bible, one third of the healings Jesus did, He cast out.  Oppression can be commanded to leave us in Jesus’ name but often require some level of discipline, a couple prayer partners help, and a real commitment from us. Deliverance starts with wanting to be free and is maintained by drawing close to God through Holy Spirit.


  1. Why can’t I find a self-help course?

This is a good question. The fast answer is how has that worked out so far? I often work on our vehicles, lawn mowers, boat motor and have learned some great lessons starting with this profound revelation that I am not a mechanic. When Daddy God put us here, He provided an owner’s manual, The Bible. Even then, I often must seek help understanding what it says. I go into my quiet time with Holy Spirit, start asking questions and listening. Sometimes He speaks. Sometimes He will lead me to an internet post, sermon, story, testimony, or some other way to help me understand. Many times this has involved dreams and while rare, visions. The best place to fix a car is at an automotive repair shop. The best place to fix a problem in the garden is at a garden shop, the best place to fix a life problem is with the creator of life. There are many religions but only one creator, and He is your Heavenly Father. Get to know Him. Neither you nor I can make it alone.


  1. Where do I start to recover myself and my family?

Start with the prayer of Declaration presented in this site. Then look through our material and find what fits your need. Please understand that I am a novice at creating a website and may make mistakes. As I learn and find help, things will improve. If you choose to grow with me in this venture, God Bless you.


  1. What is a Prayer Force Team Member?

I will compose and post many prayers as Holy Spirit leads me, like the Prayer of Declaration here. Keep up with these prayers, copy or download them, pray them with all the families that visit here, and believe that homes are being saved. As time go on, I will post prayers for divorcing and divorced families, dysfunctional, abuse, infirmity, addiction, loneliness, jealousy, unfaithfulness, unloving, and other ailments of the family. I strongly suspect that Holy Spirit will give me powerful prayers for you. These are not to replace your prayers but offer a model for you to build your own. I encourage you to write your prayers down carefully, thoughtfully, and prayerfully. Keep them close and read them often before God. As a member of the team you will become a conduit like a pipeline that blessings flow through. When one becomes a conduit, he or she has placed themselves in the middle of miracles.


  1. What is Fatherhood Outfitters?

Under the name Fatherhood Outfitters I will write articles, create lessons and workbooks addressing the integrity, responsibility, ruggedness, dependability and protecting nature of God in fatherhood. This is a resource of inspiration and training where Daddy God becomes your mentor and grandfather to your kids. Parents have batteries, batteries drain, recharging in necessary, Plug in and recharge often.

I hope these workshops and lessons will become curriculum for men’s groups.


14. What is The Rabbit Hole?

The Rabbit Hole is where most other Christian’s forums fear to tread. You may ask the questions that cause you fear, embarrassment, confusion, or doubts. For instance, you might want to ask if aliens are real, about Nephilim giants, creation science, doctrine, morality, what is death like, how to handle grieving, is time travel real, how to forgive an unfaithful spouse, singles and sex, abortion, parental punishment, family line curses, non-Christian spiritualism, ancient history or whatever grinds your brain. It will not be my job to convince you with what I believe, but to find the safe ground for you forming your own opinion or find proof. Some of these questions may not be fundamental to your success but having a mental file to place them does bring order and peace to your life. Some of these files may be named plausible but unknown or unnecessary, interesting, dangerous, not in my wheelhouse, better safe than sorry, Holy Spirit said yes or no, fore-warned is fore-armed or Wow, that is amazing! If I do not have or find a good answer, I will not post a bad one so don’t get hurt if I do not address your subject. I can only choose one subject at a time.

The rules here are simple. Opinions are opinions, facts are facts, feelings, traditions, and preferences are not an argument, the Bible rules, and truth is a property of Holy Spirit, and His conformation is foundational, yet applicable only to the one listening to Him.


15. What about your art school?


Yes, I am an artist and have been for a long time and I do teach classes. I want to offer on-line lessons for home school, parent’s resource, and children’s art projects. I will be available for classes near home in Lake County FL. which will help pay the bills. Also I want to have a group of children art students who will illustrate many of the manuscripts I have written. There will be opportunities for child artists to submit artwork illustration stories that I will publish here.