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Short Stories

Comforter (Dream 1/15/23)

An article for by Wesley Stout

I woke up somewhere in another dimension, somewhere on the outskirts of Heaven, I think. It was a beach. An angel met me there. I never got the angel’s name so I will call him Angel.

He told me, “You are here to learn how to be a comforter.”

“Isn’t Comforter who the Holy Spirit is,” I asked.

“Yes,” he said, “But, Holy Spirit prefers to work through people rather than for people. When you are in communion with Holy Spirit you will become an extension of who He is.” Then motioning with his hand he said, “Let’s take a walk.”

As we turned from the ocean and moved inland, the sea oats brushed my fingers and the soft sand moved beneath my feet. Not far away was a man on his knees. As we neared him, I could hear him weeping. Then as we were only a few feet from him I could see the translucent walls of his house barely visible around him. “Are we hear or there?” I asked the angel.

“We are in the spirit now,” he said, “we can be at both locations at the same time.”

“I have never been a spirit before,” I said.

“Oh yes you have,” argued the angel. “You just never knew it. You have always been a spirit. People tend to think that they are only what they see with their physical eyes, but you also have spiritual eyes and a spiritual body. You did not see it, so you did not believe it. You must learn to focus on what you do not see physically so that you can see spiritually. There are many wonderful and dreadful things surrounding you all the time, but you have been blind to them.”

“Even things that can hurt me,” I inquired.

“Yes,” said the angel, “and things that can bless and protect you.”

“So, all this time, I have been at the mercy of things I never believed in enough to see?”

“Not at their mercy. Evil monsters have no mercy. Yet it was mercy, God’s mercy that kept you. He knows your future and has kept you safe for that future.”

The angel paused for a moment then said softly, “focus on the praying man.”

I moved closer and listened. He was praying for his children to be saved. “Look closer,” said the angel, and suddenly I became aware of a demon standing over him holding a chain attached to a nasty iron hook buried into the man’s back.

“Touch him,” said the angel. I hesitated. This was scary but I cautiously stretched out my hands and laid them on his shoulders. I cried out in pain. I felt the hook in my back. I jumped back and asked the angel, “What are you doing? That hurt! I never expected a holy angel to play a painful trick on me.”

The angel hung his head and sighed, “and I do not understand why people do not feel the suffering of their brothers and sisters?”

I grimaced with shame and said, “you are going to ask me to put my hands back on that poor man, aren’t you.”

“Do I have to,” Asked the angel?

I took a deep breath and reached out and lay both hands on his back again. I felt the pain again, but this time I noticed his reaction. He raised his aching head, took a deep sobbing breath, raised his trembling hands shoulder high and said a few words in tongues, then, “thank you Father, I feel your presence.”

I jumped back and shouted to the angel, “I am not God! I will not be confused with God!”

The angel half smiled and said, “Is God not with you?”

“I am a believer. I am a Holy Spirit filled Child of God, but I am not God.”

Again the angel asked, “Is God not with you?”

“Yes,” I confessed, “He is always with me.”

The Angel said, “Then touch him with The God that is in you.”

Hot tears began to leak down my cheeks as I turned to the man again. I felt the pain again. He raised his head again, but this time I was a different man. I said, “I am an agent of Almighty God. I pray for you my brother in His name, in the blood and name of Jesus Christ. I speak comfort and peace to you from wherever I am now to wherever you are now.” Then I heard knowledge, not words but knowledge spoken into my soul. Holy Spirit started taking over my mind and body. I shouted, “Cancer! I hate you! This man is praying for his children through the pain you have distracted him with. I bind you in Jesus’ name and by His blood! I command you to remove this hook and leave with it. I declare this man free of you and his children are saved. My faith is strong because my God is strong. Amen.” That is when I felt the hands of Jesus on my back. That is when I felt the power moving through me and into the man. The man began shaking more violently as laughter bellowed from his lungs. The hook fell out of his back, the demon ran away, and we all laughed until we cried.

I stood back and watched the man who was completely unaware of me but completely wrapped up in the presence of Holy Spirit. I turned to the angel and said, “I understand now, I was not given the Gift of Holy Spirit’s Company solely for myself but to share with others.”

The angel smiled and said, “People perish for lack of knowledge. Come now, there is more for you to do.”

I asked, “Was I an intercessor, there?”

“Yes,” said the angel, “you did good.”

Over the sand dune and a short distance away we found another person praying, a woman weeping for her lost children. Beside her were a couple angels who wrote all her words down on long scrolls, rolled them up and stacked them on the side. “Why are her prayers not going to her children, I asked?”

The angel pointed to the grassy field around her. There was a wall of demons standing side-by-side with swords drawn. “Her family has been cursed. She has not been trained in spiritual warfare, but she has faith.”

“What can we do?” I asked.

The angel said, “Where two or three are gathered, the Lord is with them, and a three-fold cord is not easily broken. One can put a thousand to flight while three can put ten thousand to flight.”

I gasped, “I know those scriptures.” Then I saw several more people walking up. These are her prayer partners and some, like you, that do not know her, but are sensitive in their spirits.”

“Let’s do this,” I said eagerly. A couple of the others drew their glaring swords and confronted the demons. A lady stepped forward and picked up a scroll, then a man did the same. I took one of the scrolls and looked to the angel for instructions. He turned and started walking as I followed. We found one of the children not far away with the transparent walls of a night club around her. Walking up behind her I waited for instructions. I felt knowledge enter me. Laying the scroll across her shoulders I began to wrap her up in the prayers of her mother. Soon she was covered from head to foot with those powerful prayers. She did not seem to notice me being there, but her company became uncomfortable. One of them made a cruel remark while another without reason. The girl pushed her drink back, stood to her feet and walked out of the club.

As we left that area I asked the angel, “why does God need me to do His work?”

The angel said, “it is not His work. It is your work. He never brought sin into the world. He never invited evil in. People need to take ownership of the plight they are in and do what must be done. When they do, God grants them whatever power is needed to be successful. Where there is free will, God is not liable for decisions made.”

Again we walked along the dunes and as we reached the top of a tall one the angel paused and waved his arm. Out there, along the beach, were hundreds of people, all suffering, many lost in sin, damned, fearful, and hurting. “Are we about to go to all of them,” I asked.

“In time,” said the angel, “those are in your future. You must prepare yourself for the work that must be done. Pray for them, and you will be filled with the authority and power to deliver them. Repent for them and you will become the carrier of their grace. Do not feel that you are the one doing it but be grateful that God is using you as a vehicle of His grace and power.”

“Wow, I guess I have a ministry. I am a comforter full of the Comforter.”

The angel stepped directly in front of me and said, “there is one more person who needs your comfort before I send you back to the physical world.”

I said, “I am ready, let’s do this.” The angel turned and moved away. There at the bottom of the hill was a car wreck. I ran ahead of the angel and knelt over a broken bleeding body. Placing my hands on his back I felt the pain and began to draw comfort from Holy Spirit and felt it entering the injured man. The man seemed lifeless, but I sensed that he was alive. I concentrated on Holy Spirit. I focused on healing, courage, and deliverance from evil spirits. Looking to the angel I asked, “Why is he the most difficult one to help?”

As the paramedics surrounded, the angel knelt beside me, placed his hand on my shoulder and said, “comfort yourself now.” That is when the pain hit me so hard that I fell on one knee. The paramedics cautiously rolled the man over. It was me. I was the man in the car wreck. I watched in horror as they put my body on the gurney and into the ambulance. I stepped inside and watched them load the IV into my arm and begin dressing the wounds. As the doors of the ambulance closed the angel stepped back and said, “Holy Spirit is with you Comforter. Your greatest challenge is to comfort yourself.”