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Declaration Prayer for Family

My Personal Prayer An Article for Family Hope by Wesley Stout It seems, nowadays, that my ministry is to ledger or blog my own personal journey from natural to supernatural and this truly is the journey we need to be traveling. My philosophy and my theology are entangled by the need to understand these two words and live them. Philosophy is mankind’s effort to understand life no Earth as a physical and mental entity. Theology, at least in the Christian view, is mankind’s effort to understand life as an immortal, and divine entity. My personal understanding is that both perspectives are a prerequisite and daily maintenance plan for success. Surely this evil world hates our divinity and will destroy us at every opportunity. Today I have made a resolution that involves several points. 1. I will fast more often and watch the value and quality of my diet. I will lose ten pounds in two months. 2. I will get control of my daily routine and spend more quality time in the presence of Daddy God. 3. I will be more proactive as a father to my adult children and to my ministry with Family Hope. To that effort I am composing my personal prayer with the intention of sharing it with you. You are invited to consider it as research for your own personal prayer. I will make no claims of perfection, only that I am trying and that something I learn along the way may help someone like you. My Personal Prayer 1. Enter His gates with thanksgiving: Thank you, Daddy God. Thank you for your plan for my salvation through Jesus Christ and your blessed Comforter Holy Spirit. You are the Holy Trinity, Spirit, Soul, and Body as I am a trinity, created in your image. Thank you for the gifts and miracles you have promised and are giving me. 2. Enter His courts with praise: I acknowledge that you, Jehovah, are my Heavenly Father, you are completely good, and your promises are sure. You are my hope and foundation for life. Thank you for another day and the opportunity to make things right. You are holy, perfect, and powerful. 3. Acknowledgement that Daddy God is: (Scriptures are mostly the first reference listed in scripture and now necessarily most the applicable choice for a given circumstance. Please do your own research and choose which scriptures fit your life and need.) a. I AM: my everything…Exodus 3:14 b. Yahweh, self-existent one… Genesis 2:4 c. Adonai: Lord of all… Genesis 15:2 d. Yahweh-Maccaddeshem: My sanctifier…Genesis 31:13 e. Yehweh-Rohi: My shepherd…Psalms 23, 80:1, 95:7 f. Yahweh-Shammah: ever present one…Ezekiel 48:35 g. Yehweh-Rapha: my healer…Exodus 15:26 h. Yahweh-Tsidkenu: My rightiousness …Jerimiah: 23:6 i. Yehweh-Jireh: my provider…Exodus 17:15 j. Yahweh-Shalom: my peace…Judges 6:24 k. Yahweh-Shabboth: Lord of Hosts…Isiah 6:3 l. Yah-Ghmolah: God of Recompense…Jerimiah 51:6 m. Elohim: my creator, Daddy God…Genesis: 1:1 n. El_Elyon: Most High God…Genisis: 14: 17_20 o. El_Gibon: mighty to save…Isiah 9:6 p. El-Deah: God of Wisdom…1 Samuel 2:3 4. Communion: Now, Father, I will quiet my body so I can rest. I quiet my mind so I can listen for your voice. I lean into you like a child listening for your heartbeat. I release my anxiety’s so you can give me peace. I give you my pain so you can heal me. I surrender my attitude, my ideas, and my fears so that you can have your way. I give up my righteousness so I can claim the righteousness of Jesus. I surrender my intelligence so I can walk in the wisdom, knowledge and understanding by Holy Spirit. This is your time and my time together, Lord. Prepare me for the work you have for me to do. I wait. I listen and I appreciate your company. (Wait before The Lords as long as you feel satisfied and have time.) 5. Wordship: Daddy God, I place your names around me like a wall made of mighty stones. You are my foundation and wall of protection. There are many gods in this world but none like you. None have the breath of life in them to share with me like you do. No other god has sacrificed himself to seek me out and save me. You are worthy, you are beautiful, and you are in charge. 6. Surrender: I surrender my will, my time, my personal appetites to you. You are my hands, feet, ears, and eyes. I will find gratification in you and less in myself. Please guide me for I am lost without your leading and your empowerment. 7. Petition: A. Deliver me from vises that distract, weaken, and disorient me. B. Build me up in the knowledge, favor, and joy of knowing you. C. Watch over my mouth. It tends to get me in trouble and be negative. D. Watch over my mind. When I am tired evil hackers want to download me with stinking-thinking. E. Make me a father (mother or child) that pleases you, who loves unconditionally and stands unmovable for what is right. May I find favor in the eyes of my children/parents/mate. F. Heal my mind and body so I can be a witness for what you can do and be strong for what I must do. G. Save my family, fill them all with your Holy Spirit, heal them and bless them with everything good. Bless my family with your nature, your provision, and your wisdom. H. Pour out your spirit on my church and my friends so we all can be filled with your glory. I. Bless my hands to provide for my family. Make us wealthy in many things and ways. J. Make me patient and fill me with your virtues, fruit and gifts of the spirit. 8. Spiritual Warfare: Message to Satan and all his forces: I am a child of my Daddy God, and He watches over me. I resist you, bind you and cast you out of my life in Jesus Name. I am washed by and protected by the blood He shed on Calvary. He had given me his name as a badge of authority to approach the Great Throne of Daddy God and requisition a restraining order against you. Get out of my life, out of my home, out of my way, out of my mind and out of my tomorrow. I and my family do not have to tolerate your threats, spirits of fear, infirmity, doubt, distraction, poverty, or any other evil weapon you send against me. No weapon formed against me or mine will prosper. As outlined in Ephesians 6. I command you, Satan, to go away and do not bother me or my family again. I also repenting for all the people I will meet today so that the power over their sins. This way your grace will be with me and the Devils power over them will be bound. I will witness to them and now have some demon or oppression resisting. I claim their blessings for them, and I go out to deliver the favor of Daddy God to them. 9. Listen: Daddy God, my ears are open. Speak anything to me and I will hear. I wait before you. I rest in you. I appreciate you. I wait for your voice. ……..(time) 10. Declaration: a. I am a Child of My Heavenly Father. I will look like him, sound like him and think like him for he is inside me as I am inside him. b. I am full of the working faith of Holy Spirit. I am happy, healthy, active, and strong. c. I will fear no man, no demon, and no oppression for I am covered by the name, blood, and presence of Jesus Christ. d. I will love with the love of Daddy God. e. I will be humble before God and meek before man, but I will not be weak for he is with me. f. I am the righteousness of Jesus Christ and there is no condemnation found in me. I have been forgiven. My sins are gone. My nature is divine. My joy is complete. g. No matter what this world or even Hell throws at me I will overcome. I am not alone for God is on my side. h. I am the light and breath of Daddy God come down from Heaven as an agent for the salvation to the Earth. I fear nothing. I will not hesitate. I will receive wisdom when needed. I will not fail for the outcome is decided here and now. Thanksgiving, praise and glory to the name of My Daddy God. Amen…

God of Heaven and Earth, Creator of all, sustainer of all who depend on You, hear me as I humble myself before you.
I repent of my sins and declare my faith in You. You have provided redemption through sending your own son as my Savior. This act that you have done is family, and I am praying for my/our family now.
I am not simply tossing my family upon you and saying, “I leave them in the hands of a capable God,” but I am writing their names on my own heart and casting myself into your hands where I will remain. I will not let their names grow silent in your ear. I will not let their complacency or doubt be a factor, for I am repenting for them, interceding for them, believing for them and I expect you to honor my faith and persistence. I will be righteous for their sake and live as an extension of Your love for them. Please reveal yourself to them through me.
I have fasted a few meals to give my spirit command over my mind and body. Please make my spirit one with Your Holy Spirit so that I can do much more than I would have done alone. I lay myself before you and listen for your voice. Silence my busy mind and give me peace, knowing that you are reaching for them.
I stand up as a warrior full of Your Holy Spirit, dressed in Your spiritual armor, supplied with Your training and provision. I have Your authority to cast out Satan, all his little demons, his diseases, his misfortune and mind control, off my family, in the name of Jesus Christ. I will not fear when evil threatens me and my family but hope and believe that My God is my Daddy God and He is perfectly good. My God will not fail.
My family is in Daddy God’s big hands because I am in Daddy God’s hands and I will not leave this safe place. I am a Child of My Father and I will not be moved from this foundation. My family shall be saved, healed, delivered from evil and live in pure light. My God has a warrior fighting for them, and I will not lay down this sword.
Daddy God? When I am tired and sore, when I am faint from the battle, please lift me up and carry me. Please send Your ministering spirits to feed, heal and encourage me. I am nothing without You, but I am everything with You. Together, our family is in a good place and time will reveal your salvation. I declare that my family, all of them, are saved, healed and doing the will of God. By faith, they are prospering in grace and goods.
Let the world see and rejoice, giving you praise for what you have done.
—— AMEN ——


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